CONCLUSION Pixelated Oscar Award

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a story with many layers, as shown in this diagram of the film's structure. From innermost to outermost, it explores the acts, beats, universes, who is speaking, and who they're speaking to - in clockwise chronological order.

Despite its low budget and bizarre style, this indie film quickly became an unlikely blockbuster hit. It resonated with audiences and was a meaningful exploration of Asian American identity. It recently became the most awarded film of all time and made 🌟 Oscars history 🌟.

There are endless ways to dissect Everything Everywhere All at Once. Audiences can relate to the story in many ways. Maybe with multiple viewings, you'll discover something new each time.


Click on each ring to go down one layer. Click on the ↑ up arrow to go back up one layer.

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A black Everything Bagel from the film Everything Everywhere All at Once