This project ran from January through May 2023 as part of my thesis for Parsons’ Master in Data Visualization program. It was especially meaningful to me as a second generation Chinese-American since Everything Everywhere All at Once is the only film that has fully understood my experiences. To see the film celebrated around the world while working on this project has been a joy! If you’d like to learn more about my work, please visit my portfolio or email me.


The data for this project was manually collected. The first priority was transcribing and timestamping every line of the film. The second priority was collecting metadata: which character was speaking and to whom, duration of the line, language spoken, which universe and location the line took place, and a sentiment analysis of each line with its own score using VADER Sentiment Analysis. The last priority was outlining the three-act and 15-beat structure of the film, then categorizing each line to an act and a beat.


Huge thanks to all the support and guidance from my cohort, Prof. Aaron Hill, Prof. Richard The, Prof. Daniel Sauter, Jacob Lewis, Jon Read, Arlen McGinty, the Elevate data viz community, the data viz folks willing to have coffee with me, Nate Mandel, and, last but not least, my parents.

Pixel version of Joy as a talking rock from Everything Everywhere All at Once Pixel version of Evelyn as a talking rock from Everything Everywhere All at Once

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A black Everything Bagel from the film Everything Everywhere All at Once