THE CHARACTERSPixelated Evelyn

The director duo, Daniels, created characters that were more complex than just being “good” or “bad”.

Daniel Kwan explains, “There’s like tiny moments of careless racism, careless sexism, careless ageism. It’s all in there and it’s not because any of these people are bad people, it’s because they don’t have the time to fully look at each other and say, ‘You’re a human being who contains multitudes.’”

The film isn't about a battle between "good" vs. "bad" people. The focus is about complicated relationships within the Wang family, which make the characters feel lonely and disconnected. What makes the Wangs' story so powerful is their ability to change throughout the film and become more kind and connected to each other.


This Venn diagram shows the personalities of the Wang family. Hover over to see their similarities or differences.

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A black Everything Bagel from the film Everything Everywhere All at Once